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Order one of our European history books or magazines so you can learn more about European royal history. We publish our own line of history books and magazines about everything royal.


Read about the lives of today's and yesterday's royals! We offer a royal history journal for readers to get the latest news on royal weddings, old lineages, and other popular royal-related topics.

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Take a tour of Europe or learn more about European royals at one of our conferences. EUROHISTORY.COM offers weekend tours and yearly conferences for individuals worldwide.


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EUROHISTORY.COM is a publisher of books and magazines on European royal history. We also conduct tours and conferences, and provide consulting for films and TV shows. Our company is the only company to offer these services.
With more than 20 years of experience, we enjoy what we do and do not view it as a job. In fact, it is our hobby because we love it so much. EUROHISTORY.COM has many repeat customers from around the world and ships both nationally and worldwide.

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